25 Replies to “Robin van Persie • Arsenal • Compilation • NEW |HD|”

  1. you know his touch at 1:38 is his first touch after 6 months of injury!!!!! just gave me chills…

    if robin had a good fitness record i can def say arsenal would’ve won a few trophies..& God knows where his standing would be in world football..top 3 player in the world i think..

  2. Please, Robin, return the cup to Holland next year! We need another one after 1988, it’s been too long already!

  3. Verry proud to be dutch, and dont forgett this is a player who is gron up and made his debut @ prof football, Feyenoord.

  4. awesome video mate 😉
    but.. i please you… the youtube – user “Hoffenatter15” copied your beautiful video… please have a look at this ^^

  5. This is undoubtedly the best compilation I’ve wtached so far. Awesome shots, perfect choice of music. I adore..

  6. If anyone has a minute, I made a video about Robin Van Persie that took me like 20 hours and it would only take you 3 minutes to watch 😛


    thanks, Peace.

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