AdrienRabiet is a priority signing of Arsene Wenger

Arsenal Videos / Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Even though Arsenal is experiencing a superb Premier League race, Arsene Wenger has not closed his options of strengthening his squad and in one of the ways that the French manager is interested in upgrading his squad is by signing new players.

One of the players who is consistently being linked with a winter transfer window to Arsenal is AdrienRabiet of PSG.

AdrienRabiet is a 20 year old French midfielder that has attracted the attention of Arsene Wenger and it was actually believed that back in December of 2015, Rabiet had actually requested a loan move away from PSG but his loan move was denied by the head officials of the club.

If Rabiet did indeed request a loan move to another club, there could be something going on involving the young player and PSG which could be taken advantage by Arsenal and sign him up on a permanent deal but this will only happen if the Premier League club launch an offer that is tempting enough for PSG to release him.

The midfield section of Arsenal is one of the areas of the team that Arsene Wenger is most interested in improving and that’s why Rabiet has turned up as a possible singing. Mohamed Elneny is another one of the players who has entered the radar of the French manager.

It’s believed that for a fee of£15m, it will be enough for Arsenal to secure the services of AdrienRabiet and turn him into a gunner. The 20 year old midfielder is getting in and out playing time with PSG as there are some matches when he gets subbed into the pitch in the 2nd half while there are others that he is a starter from the beginning of the actual match and Rabiet is more interested in finding a team when he can indeed get regular starting time in the main team and Arsenal is a possible destination.