25 Replies to “Amazing Henry Goal on Return to Arsenal – Arsenal 1-0 Leeds Utd | FA Cup 3rd Round Proper 09-01-12”

  1. I wont lie am a united fan but this guy was without a doubt one of my
    favourite players! when he scored I was ecstatic! 

  2. I remember I was watching this on my phone, a crappy stream, because I was
    on a holiday trip and had no TV. 3 AM in the morning, muffled scream, awake
    till morning. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. Such an
    epic return, the return of the king.

  3. and he delivered his lines to perfection!!! Though he was offside, but who
    cares?? Legend of football..

  4. This is a fantastic moment, in his day arguably the best striker on the
    planet and there’s still life in him yet. Great to see him put one away on
    his return. Sincerely, a Man U fan. 

  5. Erm…no he wasn’t, he was to quick for the defence, and I don’t care what
    you say “arsenal fanboy”and all, defining moment for the gunners

  6. @MrPachuco1989 Take a look at 2:02 the exact instant Song starts the pass.
    The topmost Leeds defender is about a yard off the 18 line while Henry is
    less than a foot over. This was clearly on side.

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