Arsenal needs investment

Uncategorized / Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Former Arsenal player Robert Pires believes that the Arsenal owners should be investing more money into the club. He said that there is no way that Unai Emery will be able to strengthen the club with only 40m and that it is important that the owners understand this.

He said that the team needs some major restructuring and that for that you will need money to be invested into the team.

Robert Pires said that at the moment Arsenal is far behind the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool and that they run the risk of falling further behind the likes of Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. He said that with the absence of Champions League football it will be hard to raise the necessary revenue to buy new players and that additional funding should be coming from the owners.

He said that it has been some time since Arsenal has been genuine title challengers and that with the lack of investment from the owners it is hard to imagine Arsenal winning trophies anytime soon. He said that all the teams around them are investing massively in new players and that Arsenal faces the risk of falling further behind these teams.

Robert Pires said that Unai Emery is not a magician and that he will not be able to strengthen the team if he is not given the money to purchase new players.

Alternatively, he believes that this might be an opportunity for the young players to prove themselves in the first team. He said that there is a number of really good players at Arsenal and that it is important that the team gives them the opportunity to play at the highest level. He believes that playing competitive games will give them the opportunity and experience to develop into good players.