25 Replies to “Arsenal Vs Leeds 1-0 Thierry Henry Goal (English Commentary)”

  1. Great shout for wenger to not bring him back that goal was class he’ll be back as a manger no doubt with bergkamp at his side hopefully haha

  2. Well said mate, at the end of the day we’re all fans of the game and you’ve got to recognize legends regardless of their team.

  3. 1. WTF interest your pathetic Chelsea?
    2. Are you Chelsea fan with Gary Neville’s nick?
    3. 5-3 on Stamford
    4. London is Red
    5. Caps lock out

  4. chill brother he has a bronze cast statue outside arsenal stadium thats why he refers that

  5. No he literally has a bronze statue of himself outside of Arsenal’s Emirates stadium.

  6. Brings tears to my eyes… Thierry Henry was a true legend of the game (i speak like he is dead, but in my heart he lives on forever)

  7. i’m a gooner and the fact that the crowd went mental even before he shot is a testament to how much he means to Arsenal and how much Arsenal means to him!!!! King Henry!!!

  8. A collective shout could be heard throughout Gooner Nation when that ball hit the back of the net.

  9. “He may be cast in bronze…”
    Woah, I’m not entirely comfortable with what you’re insinuating here.

  10. Thierry Henry, on behalf of all arseal fans out there, thank you for all the memories and spectacles

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