Arsene Wenger is certain that Welbeck will prove doubters wrong

Arsenal Videos / Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Danny Welbeck is one of those players who despite being given many chances to stand out with various clubs in different seasons, he just fails to truly mark his name as a top attacker.

When people mention the best strikers in the world of football, Danny Welbeck is not a name that pops up as he simply has not proved to have the qualities that are needed in order to be a top notch goal-scorer.

During his debut season at the Emirates Stadium, Welbeck could only score 4 goals in 27 appearances and things have not significantly improved ever since then as the English forward has struggled trying to make a true impact as an Arsenal player.

In the following season of 2015-16, Welbeck made 11 appearances and scored 4 goals as well.

However, despite all of the struggles of the 26 year old forward, Arsene Wenger has confidence that Welbeck will be able to break his tradition of being in the shadows of others and finally stand out on his own.

“People are not convinced that he’s a great finisher, but these types of goals will help him to get more relaxed in front of goal. He gets stronger and stronger. Let’s not forget that he was out for a long time. He’s a team player, Danny Welbeck, that’s why the coaches love him. He’s a guy who has a physical potential that’s huge as well.” Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said as he talked about Danny Welbeck.

During the recently started English Premier League season of 2017-18, Danny Welbeck has managed to score 3 goals in 4 appearances which is more goals than any other Arsenal player out of the 4 opening League matches of the season that Arsenal has played so far.

Arsene Wenger is hoping that Danny Welbeck can continue this positive start of the season and consistently be able to score more goals throughout the remainder of the season.