25 Replies to “Crazy bergkamp skill”

  1. Bergkamp loved Arsenal he would not have moved to another club for anything. Just having him at the club made all the other players better, they watched him stay behind after training to work on his skills. This for obvious reasons encouraged them to stay too and together they all learned from him and each other. Remember how much Parlour, Adams and the others improved on the ball. No player today could have that impact on their team.

  2. Bergkamp is the best player ever, you can say what you want, that he doesn’t have a great achievement, didn’t have Champions League, Ballon d’or or the World Cup but Dennis Bergkamp could do anything, he scored the best goals ever, he has the best skill hability, he is master class, he is an artist before a goal scorer, he is total football, fineness, he doesn’t need speed or power, Bergkamp has vision of the game, pass quality and skill. Bergkamp has no equivalent. The Best.

  3. that was classic arsenal. Boy do i miss the 90’s and early 2000’s

    football sucks arse now. Really does

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