24 Replies to “Robin van Persie – My Hero |All 42 Goals in 2011|”

  1. van persie when you think about it, on form he’s as good as messi and ronaldo, think about it, messi gets servie from the 2 best central midfielders in the world, and even ronaldo, has ozil and di maria, whilst van persie has alex song, ramsey, even without wilshere hes managed to score 20 this season

  2. van Persie, je bent echt een held! Jij bent echt vies goed. Jammer dat je bij het Nederlands elftal geen knikker raakt! 😛

  3. Overwhelmed by Henry’s return I had myself convinced RVP’s finishes this season weren’t all THAT great, but there were certainly some amazing goals here. Great video!

  4. my 2nd fav player at the team atm because of henry but he is are best player and are only good player

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