25 Replies to “Robin Van Persie Vs Stoke City Home HD 720p”

  1. Even more impressive. 4th top scorer in the bundesliga for a relegated side. And it shows how much you know because carzola came from malaga not villareal. In fact that got relegated the season after he left them. He is a million times better than any utd midfielder. So I dont know what your on about. And you dont either.

  2. Cazorla and Podolski? You’re having a laugh. Podolski proved to be great player for a mediocre Koln and Germany NT, but when he got his chance at Bayern he failed. Cazorla? Leader of a relegated Primera side, a flop by nature. 2 normal signings, but nothing special at all. And Arsenal haven’t had a chance to contest in a first place.

  3. When you get to watch highlights of a specific player alone in a match (like this video) you actually get to see close-up how special a player RVP really is.. he looks so comfortable on the ball & you think you can read his next move but even as spectators he’s got us in his pocket let alone his marker.

  4. These are the types of football videos that I like….high quality EPL highlights without stupid music or anything playing over the top. With love from down in Australia 😀

  5. Its not a game for me and thousands of other gooners its life to us as well. More even than RVP. When he retires to his multi million dollar mansion, arsenal fans will still be travelling up and down the country to see the team play. So what he didnt celebrate. Like I said I dont care about RVP. Good riddance. Just wanted to point out that you cant compare him to ronaldo or tevez.

  6. Then again did you watch him against Arsenal? You could see that he respected the club, he didn’t celebrate his goal, he went to Wenger to talk to him, he talked to the players before the match and you could just see he still loved the club. And I believe he does but he wants to be remembered as a football player and he couldn’t really make his dream come true at Arsenal. For us it is a game, for him it is his job and his life.

  7. True I suppose but henry was the same. In fact when he moved to barcelona his family was very unhappy but there is no way he could play against the gunners. I dont really care that he moved on anyway because if you dont want to play for us then goodbye. I never liked him as a player anyway. Just shows what kind of character he is to leave the club after we showed show much faith in him season after season. Even feyenoord didnt show him anywhere near as much respect.

  8. Why go abroad, he lived in England for so long, his kids grew up there, there is much more going on off than on the pitch but you Arsenal fans don’t seem to understand that..

  9. The fans only wanted him to leave after he left that bullshit letter saying he felt the club lacked ambition which is total crap because we then signed podolski and carzorla. He is a classless player. If he had any ounce of respect he would have gone abroad.

  10. The fans had stuck with RVP season after season? All the fans wanted him to leave. Good decision from RVP to leave, Man Utd is so much better than Arsenal..

  11. Cant compare ronaldo to van persie. RVP was our club captain. Wenger and the fans had stuck by him season after season injury after injury. He has one and a half great seasons and he finally had a chance to repay back the loyalty shown to him. Ronaldo hated living in manchester he was always going to go to madrid. I bet you lot would be pissed if he moved to chelsea or man city. You cant even compare the two situations.

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  13. Okay look I’m a united fan and all I’ve got to say us , Arsenal fans are farking SOOKS man gosh all you’d do is complain , oh he’s a traitor he wanted more money blah blah blah, just get over it , so youd cry becuase Arsen Wenger made a sub so all you pussy fans have a cry about it , get over yourselves gosh Ronaldo left us and we ain’t crying cuz we know we are responsible for who Robaldo is, same as tevez we got over that, gosh !!

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