25 Replies to “Thierry Henry Legend All Arsenal Goals Part 1”

  1. @PS3asasamPS3 How can you mention Adebayor and yet leave out Ian Wright?? Before Henry, Ian Wright was Arsenal’s greatest striker. Cliff Bastin was actually a winger but he is Arsenal’s 3rd greatest goal scorer.

  2. I am a hardcore Liverpool-supporter and all I can say about Thierry Henry and his doings/actions/performances on the pitch can be well-explained by 14 words: Spectacular. Entertaining. Epic. Classy. Phenomenal. Outstanding. Fabulous. Fun. Technical. Magnificent. Fearless. Punisher. Memorable. LEGENDARY!

  3. thumbs up if you hate it when people ask for thumbs up when talking about hating people asking for thumbs up

  4. I am not an Arsenal fan but Henry was my fav player back in the day. THANK U so much for uploading these videos of the great man and also THANK U FOR NOT PUTTING GAY MUSIC over the top of the video, the commentary and crowd reactions makes for much better viewing 🙂

  5. he scored hes second goal against my favorite team but he also played for my other favorite team so i dont feel bad <3

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