23 Replies to “Thierry Henry Scores Brilliant Goal & Assists On 3”

  1. hahaha….this sld be the best comment on here…nothing is similar at all, but football/soccer makes it understandable and nice….the beautiful game

  2. @oosgfnt Cant say no, i agreed. AND Really thankful for getting my Fav NFL new jersey’s for nothing bit.ly/UQ8PZV?=tcslmb

  3. US beat Scotland 5-1, beat Italy IN Italy, drew Russia IN Russia, and beat Slovenia IN Slovenia. What do we have to do to get you ass-hat Euros off our backs? And most of you talking shit are fat lazy punks who couldn’t even kick a ball.

  4. Amazing, I didnt know you were from a different universe where TH signed a year earlier than he actually did!

  5. Lol Henry is taking the piss. He is not enjoying the football there you can see no passion at all. He should be back in the premiership were he belongs. Only in the states for money.

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