25 Replies to “Thierry Henry: Statue shows the love I have for Arsenal”

  1. @jamiegregg90 All that good work undone inside of about 2 seconds. The sad thing is, he probably realises that himself.

  2. @6anatolyy4 where did i say he dint handball it, he did and im glad he did, the paddys are shit anyway. u seriously cnt be a arsenal, ur a tool if u think henry will be remembered as a cheat. so maradona will, rooney will, gerrard will, messi will, ronaldo x2 will. is that right?

  3. @jamiegregg90 Daily Mail Online “I will be honest, it was a handball,’ said former Arsenal striker Henry”. Oh dear, that doesn’t look very good for your argument, does it? 🙂

  4. @6anatolyy4 that dont matter u knob, wud have gone to extra time and most likely france wud have one. pretty sure ireland had a few helping hands on the way to playing france, remember ur only a cheat if u dont get caught right. u talk bollocks!

  5. @jamiegregg90 Legend-ary cheater, yes. Manged to cheat an entire nation out of a World cup place. I’d say that’s pretty legendary..

  6. @6anatolyy4 well what the fuck u goin on about u moron. u aint no arsenal fan, just a sad guy hu sits at home and watches the footy on the t.v. every player has cheated, henry is a legend!

  7. @lightcandle here here…….look at chelsea forkin out 50 million for 1 player who doesnt even start

  8. @11boomboompow 🙂 Love how the Arsenal die-hards have selective vision. There are tribes as of yet undiscovered in the Amazon jungle sitting round a camp fire saying, “he hand-balled it twice! What, 200+ goals? but will always be remembered for the handball”

  9. @jamiegregg90 Never seen such a graceful player with balance. Also never seen such a graceful player with such balance handball it twice inside of one second. Such a shame.

  10. Im a chelsea man, but i can respect talent and boy when Thierry Henry was at Arsenal he was gifted, talented, and a sight to see. A legend at the Emirates, long live Thierry Henry

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