Uncategorized / Thursday, June 18th, 2020


Arsenal could lose Alexandre Lacazette this summer as the club, as per reports. The Frenchman has dipped in form so much that from being the best player in the setup, he is now a backup striker. Eddie Nketiah has been developing fast and now a threat to Lacazette’s chances.

With the Gunner offering Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a new deal, if he accepts this would make Lacazette more dispensable as Arsenal have a cash problem and cannot attract top players. Aside Nketiah, there is Gabriel Martinelli desperate to spark up the attack if given an opportunity.

Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and other European sides are interested in Laca so it could be very convenient for both sides as it seems the player is also frustrated with happenings. Inter would be happy to replace Lauruto Martinez with Lacazette if the Barcelona deal happens.

Lacazette is now a shadow of himself before he moved to the Premier League. The injuries could have impacted his abilities this term but if he does not quickly return to goalscoring as the season ends, they he would be used to generate cash for the club’s targets. He remains an asset to any top European club but of recent, Arsenal are under pressure to change their fortunes. Lacazette cannot remain the lead striker for the Gunners and not the get job done.

The low confidence is doing a lot of damage to the revered former Lyon striker. With Nketiah being a goal poacher, Arsenal could turn to him if Aubameyang agrees to remain and inspire the attack.