25 Replies to “Dennis Bergkamp – The magic momment”

  1. What I love about him is how he make all the beautiful goals look so easy..hahahaha..
    Laughing watching them..

  2. @willishoutman I would throw Pires in with the greats as well…very underrated and often overlooked by the casual fan.

  3. without doubdt 2004-2005 Arsenal could nowadays beat any team you can name even Barca nowadays…Bergkamp could make everyone get up from their seats with just a simple action…He was full of quality and i’m really disappointed by the fact he is not given the recognition he truly deserves… :/ i hope he would become the next manager after Wenger leaves…

  4. @10harrykewell10
    I was 7 too that goal summed up my childhood i was fascinated by bergkamp and I owe him my love to the game

  5. @archietheanarchist
    The ICEMAN was something magical a one of a kind player and people who know alot about bergkamp will consider him one of the greatest players ever

  6. If they put up a statue to Henry – the stadium should be renamed The Bergkamp
    Easily one of the best players ever – but never given the full recognition he deserves
    This video shows a gifted footballer with a superb brain – very goal was thought-out –
    no hit and hope for Dennis – real football.

  7. A day without Bergkamp is a day living in Hell. Arsenal’s Number Ten, Big Den at the End North London is so much quieter without you. Sorely missed. The greatest centre forward…ever!

  8. C.Ronaldo you’re a robot, Messi you’re going too fast to have class, sorry but MR Dennis Bergkamp had what you both will never have: wonder class with the ball!
    The goal vs Argentina in 98 will stay my best football moment ever, I was seven when i saw that but it was just surreal! an artist!

  9. 2:07 2:18 2:48 4:47 4:50 and of course 6:01 This list can go on forever, So elegant and beautiful, yet so effective.

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