23 Replies to “Arsenal Vs Aston Villa 3-2 – Robin Van Persie & Theo Walcott Interviews – January 29 2012 – FA Cup”

  1. no matter wot u say theo can change the course of a game in the blink of an eye but instead of criticising theo lets look at the real shit players in the squad! players that wont even get into the villa team (no offence) charmark, arsharvin, squillaci, jenkinson, denilson, djourou,fabianski and am sorry ramsey aint cuttin it at dis level (yet). somehow every year at arsenal the standard drops and if they dont make top 4 dis year i can see them becoming a mid table team for years to come!

  2. @kingrzv yh it means he scored his first EVER goal against villa ‘today’ u complete brain fuck

  3. walcott is a joke, moaning at the ref for playing the advantage when there was a goal scoring chance which he cocked up. He fluked the equaliser but he should have passed to chamberlin who was unmarked in the 6 yard box with only one defender on the goal line. Hes got no composure in front of goal and doesnt seem to have any awareness of players in space around him.

  4. @LostFaceify Oh, and one more thing, if you had ever played football competitively then you would know that decision making is part of football at any level and vital to creating goals (especially at top level when you get found out). It’s not something learned in your mid-20s, it’s part of football.

  5. @LostFaceify I don’t bash Arsenal players, the only ones I currently criticize are Arshavin and Walcott. Theo has always had massive support from Arsenal fans, and more from the manager. He should be mature enough now to perform at the basic level on top of his pace, but he doesn’t. At the start of the season I was giving him some credit, but he needs to perform or leave, it’s not a fucking youth team. In four years he’ll be an older player, how much time do you need to ‘mature’, get real mate.

  6. @CssAfc Oh and I don’t? I understand a lot more than most arsenal fans. I see people bashing players every day and then turning 2 faced and praising them after one performance. You ruin players confidence when they see these things written about them(in general).I dont understand why ur bringing bale into this simply because hes from southhamption. When ever you buy young players, you play a gamble. Decision making is something you gain with maturity.and theo is not mature yet if you do watchim.

  7. @LostFaceify Another thing, Bale doesn’t have the decision making problems and general buckling that Theo has, it’s his problem and he needs to fix it, obviously I support the guy but he wastes more oppurtunities than Arshavin.

  8. @LostFaceify I am an Arsenal fan, I don’t need your approval, Theo has had four years to prove his talent and at the end of the day he doesn’t have the bottle or awareness to be a great player, his pace and skill will always carry him but I watch every Arsenal game so I think I know him better than you.

  9. @umadbro218 Your an idiot. Hes one of the reason of our recovery, his assists to rvp, his little dribble at the biline that set up so many chances. Im sorry, but i think anyone who say a player like gervinho is shit doesn’t know football or is a little kid that only looks at the goal sheet. Which he will get on after his confidence is there. his main job is assist

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