23 Replies to “Arsenal 125th- Thierry Henry Statue Unveiling”

  1. moi je suis fan de thierry henry et je suis trés touchée pour tout se que se club a fait pour titi et il le mérite car cest pas la france qui aurais fait sa la preuve pour se pays qui est la france et que titi adorait portée se maillot et maintenant on ne le connait plus cest une honte la france bravos titi et merci a tout les dirigant d’arsenal qui sont pas oublier le meillieur joueur d’arsenal et pour titi cest le club de sont coeur bravos titi

  2. There was always bound to be a Yid, either big or small, to come here and poke our pressure points.
    Truth is, once a Gooner, always a Gooner.
    Let it be.

  3. Haha there has been someone like Henry at spurs in the last 125 years, names Jimmy Greaves but he did only manage a measly 266 goals, never mind eh!

  4. @geejay77 you are so fucking pathetic, there will never, EVER be anyone like Henry in your shitty club.

  5. @geejay77 FUCK OFF. There’s have never been nor never will be anyone like Thierry in your shitty club.

  6. Whats stupid is the scum is watching this video, commenting about the 2011/2012 table that isn’t even anywhere near over yet, when the video is about the last 125 years/a legend.. about Arsenal.

  7. @geejay77 Ironically, whats so special about this particular goal celebration was that it was against you lot and right in your face too. I could send you the pick if you having trouble remembering, lol. Celebration- Priceless, Look on your faces- Priceless

  8. @vivek2701 No probs, only just watched it myself just now, was too busy trying to make sure i was getting the best recording on my phone. Almost shed a tear there as well myself when he did. Living Legend

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