Ian Wright has asked Granit Xhaka to take Tips from Victor Wanyama

Arsenal Videos / Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Ian Wright has asked Granit Xhaka to take a leaf out of the book of Victor Wanyama who also has a physical game like him, but, very rarely does he get into trouble with his tackles.

Wright was quite thrilled back in the summer with the fact that Xhaka had been landed at Emirates and had predicted that the Switzerland native would prove to be a huge player for the Gunners with his great passing skills and would give them that extra little edge in the centre of the pitch that they needed for a long time.

The 53-year old has also praised the game of Xhaka many a time on social media and has pointed him out as someone who can be given the role of the skipper of Arsenal after some time, but, despite being such an admirer of the playmaker, Wright is disappointed with his inability to keep control over his play in the recent times.

Weight reckons Xhaka is not really careful about the things he does on the pitch because of which he has so many send-offs to his name and that ultimately costs the team because it’s very hard to contain the opposition with one less player.

Wright wants Xhaka to understand that each and every person can’t be wrong. If it’s a unanimous opinion that he has got a fault in his game, then there is some truth in it. So, rather than ignoring the world, he must look into it and ensure that he is not a part of such tackles going ahead; otherwise, he will keep spoiling his team’s chances.

Arsenal though didn’t slip to a defeat in its previous encounter at home in spite of the dismissal of Xhaka and rather managed to pull off a heist.