Is Thierry Henry the next coach of Arsenal?

Arsenal Videos / Friday, April 28th, 2017

Arsene Wenger is once again being pressured by Arsenal supporters and many others to leave the managerial position of the Premier League club as the English outfit continues to struggle in their task of winning the league title which is something that they have not won in over 10 years and fans of the club as well as some players are getting restless.

An overwhelming 2-10 aggregate defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League was another huge blow for the 67 year old French manager as more people are starting to lose faith in the coach and a change of managers is beginning to look like a change that might and should happen in the near future.

It still remains uncertain if Arsene Wenger will remain for another year in charge of Arsenal, his current contract expires at the end of the current season but a list of potential managers has once again been emerging and Thierry Henry is one of the more well-known figures that has popped as a possible candidate.

Thierry Henry is well aware of all these rumors and the former Arsenal player has come out to talk about these rumors as the Frenchman said: “It doesn’t depend on me, there are things to be respected, it’s my club of heart but I do not have any right-wings. My name is quoted to succeed Wenger, I hear that. But it’s hard for me to talk about it I have a lot of respect for everything the coach has done’’

“Am I ready? I don’t know and nobody knows, but I also need to learn my job. I will not be a consultant all my life, but coaching is not my aim. I have not fixed any goal in the head, I will love it to be a coach and I will do everything for it but, right now, I’m in learning mode.”

Even though Thierry Henry has a huge history with Arsenal and will be a fan favorite at the Emirates Stadium, he does not have a head coaching experience and if Arsene Wenger does indeed get sacked, it might be better off for Arsenal to try and sign a manager that does have experience coaching a first team and that can help the Premier League club in their task of winning big and important pieces of silverware.