Uncategorized / Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Jose Mourinho is an absolute master of gamesmanship. The moment he realized that Arsenal is playing well and is surging towards the top quickly, he put a bit of pressure on them by claiming that they are one of the contenders for the League title now.

Chelsea is still 7 points ahead of Arsenal and they are going to be playing one more game than their London rivals. So, they are enjoying a good, healthy lead and thus, there is no need for them to start losing sweat just yet.

But what is worrying Mourinho, according to marathon bet, is the fact that the Gunners don’t have to play against too many big teams in the remainder of the season. Most of their games are easy games and thus, it’s likely that they keep collecting more and more points.

On the other hand, Chelsea’s way is not that easy, but, whatever the situation is, with a lead of 7 points, you have to play extremely badly to end up anywhere, but, at the top.

So, to see Arsenal pipping Chelsea for the League title does not seem to be realistic, even if marathon bet are offering odds on it.

This is clearly Chelsea’s title to lose from here. Arsenal doesn’t not have anything to lose, absolutely nothing. If they finish at 2, it would be a great achievement itself. And, Arsene Wenger is canny enough to tackle all the mind games. He would never let his boys get influenced by Mourinho’s words and get too far ahead of themselves.

Yesterday, in an interview, the Frenchman, very calmly, played down the remark that his team will have a say in the title this season.

In the words of Wenger, “It’s all about Chelsea at the moment. They are miles ahead. We are just looking to take games as they come along and try and win as many of them as possible.”