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  1. Dear all arsenal fans… are you really so resentful that you hold a grudge
    against a player who left your club for more money and the opportunity to
    win trophies. You cannot call him a money whore or glory hunter etc.
    because who wants to sit at a job when there is another job being offered
    to them for more money and at a bigger firm. Van Persie showed respect last
    year in the 2-1 result at old trafford by not celebrating but you still
    booed him. So why should he be respectful to a club that threw everything
    he did for them back in his face. He was a hero for you getting you
    champions league football and yet you boo him. In my world that’s
    disrespectful and so you shouldn’t expect the respect off of someone if you
    don’ respect them back. Rant over now fuck off back to london.

  2. So glad he celebrated, broke my heart last season when he tried to show
    respect and none was given back 

  3. It was also very disrespectful of him to have that gold Premier League
    badge on his shirt as well.

  4. RvP once gave respect to Arsenal fans after scoring a goal, 2 – 1 at the
    Old Trafford last season, but Arsenal fans gave NO RESPECT back. 

  5. Goal or no goal, loyalty in football is really impt, so is respect , RVP
    lacks both. He is good stricker, but he’s cocky af, insulting Stevie G
    earlier this season, and celebrating against a club that made him, what a
    fucking disgrace!

  6. I have no affiliation with either Man Utd or Arsenal, but I believe RVP was
    totally right to celebrate, some Arsenal fans were sending him death
    threats because he left them to join Man Utd. So after having death threats
    of course he is going to celebrate, if the Arsenal fans are going to treat
    RVP like shit then why should RVP show any respect to them?

  7. honestly me an arsenal fan I used to like him but not anymore I don’t care
    about money trophies…its the way he left he was at arsenal for 8
    years…united called him rubbish and all sorts…had injuries upon
    injuries united fans said he was a waste of life but I always saw the
    potential in him…then had a great half season in 2011 started by that
    amazing goal vs Barcelona..then had no injuries in 2011-12 season and
    scored 30+ goals…im thinking hes going to push on to win titles with
    players like cazorla etc but he left the club at the wrong time…and left
    us poor but everything is fine now…

  8. It was so wrong 8 years and look it’s character 8 years in Arsenal no
    respect his punish 2 months out I don’t like him so much as first

  9. So what he’s saying is that because Van Pussy didn’t show Arsenal fans any
    respect in leaving for a rival(that letter was like getting dumped through
    a text message), all us Gooners are supposed to show him respect anyways?
    No we don’t respect those who abandon the club for a rival.

  10. Van Persie never had belief in Arsenal and is shocking but it’s right for
    him to move on no matter what the stupid reasons are for this!

  11. I don’t care whether Van Persie celebrates against us or not. The truth is
    that he is a cunt, has always been a cunt, and always will be. He deserves
    all the abuse he gets and him celebrating against us doesn’t really change
    how we feel about him

  12. ur opinion is an opinion but the wrong one to be honest footballers should
    show loyalty he is a disrespectful noob u should be like most footballers
    if it wasnt for arsenal he would be posing in ugly knittwear 

  13. Last season v.persie scores againts arsenal at old trafford n
    emirates(penalty) but he did not celebrate.this is his second season and
    the third meeting since he left arsenal.i dont think its something wrong to
    celebrate..its diffrent to ramsey to cardiff bcos its the first time ramsey
    in an arsenal shirt meet caddiff.i think if next year ramsey still meet
    cardiff n scores he can celebrate too

  14. Bjwphneb are you a complete idiot?! He was playing for arsenal that game
    and even scored so you can piss off with your opinions just for that
    complete howler of a footballing fact attempt

  15. Well who cares hes moved on he will still respect the gunners and all but
    hes at a new club and if every player who moved to another team(rival) was
    told you cant score there fans will cry no he is who he is he can afford ro
    be cocky i hate vp with a passion but who cares if he celebrates against
    his old team ronaldo did it to man u fans did they care no

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