20 Replies to “Robin van Persie on his Arsenal debut & 1st goal”

  1. @JellyKidSieg hah, didn’t realised this video has generated that *much* viewers but thanks for watching!

  2. @agoonersdream1 when wenger says rvp is perfect captain on and off the pitch he is also complimenting our skipper’s charisma!

  3. Ahahaha absolute legend! What a character. Out of Nasri, Fabregas, Clichy, Toure and King RVP, I want RVP to stay the most. He is our heart and soul, and what a skipper he is. He can speak multi languages, and shoot with either foot and has a charming personality. What more do you want in a player?

  4. @MikeDingDong10 nope, Mark van Bommel is the captain of Oranje (van der Vaart is vice captain, Heitinga is the vice vice captain). Don’t think Robin will become NT captain, at least not with Wesley Sneijder is around. Might cause disruption in dressing room…

  5. @agoonersdream1 Yeah, great fluency with English, has the character of a leader. Isn’t he the Dutch captain?

  6. @MikeDingDong10 not gonna lie, van Persie has a certain charisma when he speaks. And I personally enjoy his interview – really passionate and frank about the game and club/NT

  7. “I was so excited that I went to the wrong end, I went to the Man City fans”

    RVP inspired Adebayor’s celebration against Arsenal.

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