25 Replies to “Thierry Henry vs Arsenal Emirates Cup 2011”

  1. the guy at the very end telling him to get in the tunnel.. fuck off! he loves arsenal and we love him! an arsenal hero always

  2. Im an arsenal fan and I don’t give a shit that we lost the emirates cup! Henry came back to us!

  3. Thierry Henry will forever remain one of the best strikers in the history of about 220 goals for Arsenal:)
    In this respect, is a god when it comes to goal ^ ^

  4. I watched the entire video smiling :-)) I’m SO HAPPY!
    THANKS for uploading 😉

  5. It’s a good feeling to watch a king going back to his castle.
    though im a LFC Fan.

  6. he was supposed to play the last five minutes of this game in an arsenal shirt but the ref didnt allow it. he wanted to and the coaches had agreed to it. that reff deserves a swift kick in the nuts

  7. @Ryodisis ……….. it’s his younger brother who signed for the Red Bulls – Know what you sayin’ before you speak

  8. herny playing against arsenal is like beckham playing against manchester united… emotinal game . but great ledgends!!!

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