25 Replies to “Dennis Bergkamp goal vs Newcastle 2002 (no sound)”

  1. only zidane had a footballing brain that can match bergkamp. i just wonder what would happen if they were on the same team

  2. @dan32113

    Yes, actually – Peter Møller from FC Copenhagen vs Farum. Great goal. But what does this have to do with Bergkamp?

  3. When I saw the no sound part, I turned down my speakers just in case it some joke to kill our ears

  4. the goal should have been disallowed, it should be against the rules to use magic in a game

  5. @aSH0GUN i said the goal is unique, for the fact it doesn”t touch the ground from Goalkeepers hands to the goal! A volley IS a definate show of skill & technique! Glenn Hoddle was agruably the most talented English player of the 1980″s, he was a better passer of the ball than Scholes & Beckham! could score freekicks, volleys had a great football brain the only thing he didn”t have was speed, he couldn”t run to save his life, but why bother when you can land a 50 yard pass on a sixpence!

  6. @dan32113 there was no skill or technique involved, just a simple volley… just because it did not touch the ground, doesn’t mean its good…

  7. I finally have the proof that the touch was completely intentional. At 0:13 watch Bergkamp’s eyes just as he spins the defender. Notice that as soon as he takes the touch he turns his head to look at the keeper because he KNOWS exactly where the ball is going to end up once he gets round the defender, he doesn’t have to worry about it. He is already planning his next move to slip it into the corner.

    What. A. God. Damn. Genius.

  8. @FawlyAlmighty i”ve got a challenge for you! watch Glenn Hoddle strike v Nottingham Forest. What makes THIS goal unique is that the ball doesn”t touch the ground from the time it leaves the goalkeepers hands to hitting the back of the net, it is touched by two Spurs players before Hoddle volleys it into the net! Can you think of another like that!

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