25 Replies to “Thierry Henry – Arsenal Need Jack Wilshere – Wilshere Key To Success”

  1. its also luck because van nistelrooys pen hit the crossbar.If he had shot
    over or wide ok its his fault but the woodwork was against him.Still, its a
    sort of stain on arsenals invincible season as they got really lucky at
    that specific moment.Still, its a very admirable feat to finish unbeaten in
    a tough league, luck or no luck…

  2. You know V Persie scored an average of 18 goals over that time period
    right? 1 every 2.8 games. For 7 years.

  3. Really you do recall that he did once request a transfer…Once. During his
    period of indecision Gerrard requested a transfer and the Reds turned down
    a massive £32m bid from Chelsea for the England midfielder.

  4. I would say that Frank Lampard is a bad suggestion considering he crossed
    to West London from the East. I do agree about Gerrard and I probably
    should have considered Jamie Carragher

  5. so what you are saying is arsenal is more like a business than a football
    club? then respect to wenger a businessman, accountant and economist

  6. Doesn’t matter with what you agree with or not the statistics support my
    statements. I don’t jump on bandwagons and blame the easy escape goats.
    Neither do I just say a player is shit and leave it at that I give REASONS
    as to why I think a player is of a certain caliber.

  7. Success it seems is not in the goals scored but in the goals prevented.
    Arsenal have had this fucking mentality that they can let more goals in and
    just make it up by scoring. Wins just pissed away due to retarded decisions
    by defenders (as Gary pointed out) Arsenal: 83, 72, 74 and 65 (and
    counting) Manchester: 86,78, 89 and 78 (and counting) Chelsea: 103, 69, 65
    and 66 (and counting)

  8. we are not a small club are just a “smaller” club compare to the rich
    mofos. but soon we will be able to afford top class players when our debt
    is cleared up.

  9. @Dayano Almeida If players say they’re gonna stay at the club no matter
    what, then leave the club, they’re obviously gonna be known as traitors.
    Especially if they move to a rival team

  10. Why do English people always go on about players loyalty? Imagine yourself,
    born in London or whatever, growing up always supported an english club,
    become a professional and play for an english team. If you are signed by
    for e.g a french team like Lyon play there for a few seasons don’t win
    anything and u are clearly the stand out player, if PSG comes in for u
    offering you more money, CL football and of course tittles would you
    reject? because u love Lyon too much? Or some other team? Come on..

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