22 Replies to “Thierry Henry v Aaron Ramsey in epic basketball shoot-out”

  1. Wow such a misleading title, nothing epic about Ramsey missing off camera
    and Henry giving some random Arsenal player no one recognises the ball to
    shoot for him

  2. Remember the name .. GEDION !! … Hope he will play for his mother land
    Ethiopia !! .. we will welcome him with open arms.. Ethiopian football is
    on the rise .. we qualified for African cup of nations just recently and we
    ALMOST made it to Brazil 2014 … it wont be long We will get to the top on
    football just like long distance running…. And FYI dont call him Zelalem
    ! thats his dad’s name … just call him Gedion ! thats the Ethiopian way
    of naming.

  3. So many “haters” commenting on here; even as a Spurs supporter that put a
    smile on my face!! A 17 year old kid is given the basketball, and nobody
    expects what happens next..and in front of a US crowd, where he spent a few
    years (clearly playing several sports!!). 

  4. So much ignorance in these comments Re: USA and Zelalem. Before you write
    it/say it, learn a few things, please. 

  5. Zelalem needs to make the smart move and play for Germany. Play for the
    world champions follow the lead of his teamate Serge Gnarby and make the
    right decision.

  6. Arsenal legend Thierry Henry takes on Arsenal player of the year Aaron
    Ramsey in a New York basketball duel – only for youngster Gedion Zelalem to
    steal the show with one in a million three-pointer

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