25 Replies to “Robin Van Persie RVP shaking hands with Arsenal Team in tunnel”

  1. I’m not a arsenal fan i understand the anger of the fans he should never
    Carzola ozil rvp and walcott that would be great for them 

  2. Rvp a ungrateful crap… Wished his wife got raped b4 he realises his
    mistakes now Arsenal top man utd 8th

  3. Don’t think arsenal players should be shaking hands with him before the
    game. Aftwerwards, fine. But not before

  4. Hey Van Pussy, you treacherous, backstabbing piece of shit, we supported
    you through your injuries and this is how you treat us. Emirates will be a
    cauldron of hate when you come, especially after your disgusting

  5. Jamie Rednapp talking crap about scoring against your old club. Ever hear
    of respect after 8 years with Arsenal?

  6. i dont like this. after the game yeah maybe but not before. It is a real
    slap in the face of any Arsenal fan. 

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